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An Executive Coaching Practice Helping Leaders Grow from Good to Great

Miami Beach, FL – (December 5, 2016) After a long and successful career in trading derivatives for leading global financial institutions, as an entrepreneur, and with senior executive roles in public and private companies, Rajan Chopra has transitioned into coaching, advising and mentoring CEOs and senior executives of Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs and investment professionals.

Chopra’s coaching philosophy and style is distinctive from other coaches.  He’s a practitioner, not a preacher. There’s a difference. As a strategic thinker, with deep and broad business experience, he combines his natural curiosity and real-world business experience with powerful inquiry, keen intellect, thoughtful insights, an inspirational style and a foundation of integrity in helping clients move forward from where they are to where they want to be.

Although recently launched, Rajan and his coaching practice are already generating buzz. He’s coaching and advising the CEO, and the entire senior management team of a Fortune 500 company amongst others.  “Rajan Chopra is an incredibly thoughtful and insightful coach. He truly listens and is a wonderful mentor, advocate and guide. He is an asset to someone looking to be professionally empowered,” according to one client.

Chopra grew up in India, got his MBA degree at Stockholm University, Sweden and subsequently moved to New York where he spent 30+ years trading interest rate derivatives at some of the leading global financial such as JP Morgan Chase and Cantor Fitzgerald.  In between stints on Wall Street he’s had senior executive roles with public and private companies, has founded and co-founded a few start-ups, and has served as advisor to CEOs and senior executives.  In Chopra’s words, “I’ve worked with C- suite executives, traders, brokers, bankers hedge fund managers and financial advisors.  I know the challenges they face. I understand how they think. I was one of them – I get it.”

“Behind every successful person there’s great coaching and mentoring. Most of my clients are already very successful.  I help them grow from good to great,” concludes Chopra.

This quiet, pragmatic thought leader is making a positive difference in people’s lives.
To learn more about Rajan Chopra and his coaching practice, Chopra Coaching, click here.

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Chopra Coaching, founded by Rajan Chopra, offers executive and leadership development coaching services to C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, and investment professionals.

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