Growing up with a single mother, who was also an immigrant, our Founder Frances Albán learned from a young age the valuable lessons of hard work, integrity, discipline, and self-reliance. Committed to her thriving career and being a sole provider in the 80s and 90s, she was a role model of women empowerment.  It shaped Frances’ values and forms the guiding principles by which Albán Communications operates today! We are reliable, resourceful, ambitious, and of high integrity.

In the competitive South Florida PR market, we differentiate ourselves by the professional experience we bring to the table, our tech-savvy approach, business development mindset, formidable team of senior practitioners, and ability to create big-budget integrated marketing campaigns at accessible price points. Qualities businesses both small and large value and appreciate.

We continue to be inspired by female empowerment and activism and do our part via mentoring and internship programs supporting communication and journalism students from the University of Miami and Florida International University.  Our non-profit PR endeavors have included collaborations with Kristi House, LEAP for Ladies, Agape, and Babson College WIN Lab Miami.  Our book of business has involved representing top female executives and political figures, and naturally, their male counterparts too.